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Set pasta machine LP5 TR50CH La Pastaia Stainless Steel with 4 bronze dies

The LP5 TR50CH is a compact, powerful pasta machine, producing up to 5kg/h with a 1.8kg tank. Its robust, stainless steel design ensures durability, while the touch controls and easy-clean components make it user-friendly. Handcrafted in Italy, it includes essential accessories and is available in both European and American versions. Perfect for small facilities and home kitchens.

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 21 × 48 × 29 cm
Motor power



Inox, Inox (USA version)

LP5 TR50CH professional fresh pasta machine with mixer and screw extruder for making various types of pasta.

This is an updated version of the TR50, with an innovative design.
Suitable for small facilities and for domestic use, it features an output of up to 5kg/h (max.) and a tank with a capacity of 1.8kg. This compact yet powerful machine operates at a power of 380W, ensuring efficient performance while keeping energy consumption low. Weighing in at 24 kg, it is designed to be robust and durable, making it easy to move and position as needed. With dimensions of 21x48x29 cm, it can fit comfortably in tight spaces without compromising on its functionality or output capacity.

All components that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel or food grade bronze (brass).

  • Modern design and touch control
  • Stainless steel components and material suitable for contact with food
  • Easy cleaning thanks to easy disassembly of components
  • Mixer and screw movement in both directions possible
  • Single-phase power supply
  • IEC-C14 connector (compatible with power cables from any country)
  • Compatible with the PRO automatic knife
  • Reduced noise level
  • All moving parts are installed on ball bearings with long-life seals.
  • Single-motor-driven, belt drive with maintenance-free reduction gear and chain for the mixer.
  • Allows you to make various pasta shapes by simply changing the die.
  • Accessories supplied: ring nut key, 4 dies (if bought in the 4x die set), small ring-adapter.
  • Please note: the container for measuring the liquid listed in the instructions is not included.

Every LP5 TR50CH is unique:
Manufactured in a small factory in northern Italy and assembled and welded by hand, it can have small deviations and scratches here and there.
This does not affect the performance of the product in any way and is not a reason for complaint.

The small plastic adapter that allows you to use all our bronze dies with a 4,5cm diameter is included for free if you buy the LP5 TR50CH on our website.

Versions available:

  • European version: 230V 50Hz (Shuko)
  • American version: 110V 60Hz

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