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Why preferring bronze dies?

Bronze drawing, a typically artisanal technique for the production of dry pasta, is a process that gives the finished product a porous and rough effect. Thanks to these features, the different condiments, from savory sauces to spicy creams, can be easily retained by bronze drawn pasta. Our bronze dies are universal. Apart form being very resistant, they’re compatible with different Pasta Makers‘ models and brands, like: Philips Pasta Maker, Unold, Ariete, KitchenAid, Marcato Regina e Simac PastaMatic. On our website you can also find solutions for Fattorina e Firmar, Häussler e TR50. If your Kenwood Pasta Maker model is replaced by the latest one you can still use the same favourite bronze formats that you already own. Plus, if you decide to change your brand of pasta machine, you can still continue to use your collection of dies, by acquiring the compatible adapter.

Why purchasing Pastidea screens (100% Made in Italy)?

If you decide to purchase Pastidea items, you’ll choose a 100% Made in Italy productive reality which cares about the quality and the uniqueness of its products. Pastidea screens are produced from high-quality materials. They respect strict quality standards and they’re made to last for a long time. The full production process of Pastidea dies, starting from production till packaging, is based in Italy.

Cleaning tips for bronze screens

There’s certanly more than one way to clean bronze screens properly, but we suggest you the following steps. In order to simplify the cleaning process, it would be better to start as soon as the dough extrusion is done. Pass your dies under running water and avoid to wash them with chemical cleaning products. Remember not to put them into the dishwasher. At this point you can carefully remove the left residues on the inside of the screens by using our cleaning tools. Finally proceed with drying your screens by hand to avoid any rings. If you own PVD bronze screens instead please note that they‘re dishwasher safe. Don’t forget to remove the inner dough residues with one of our cleaning tools and let them dry.

Advantages of homemade pasta

Fresh pasta is an extremely versatile food which allows you to create real customised recipes. By choosing your favourite pasta formats and by mixing different flours and ingredients you can obtain the perfect pasta, according to your taste. Since it’s very easy to prepare, even who suffers from gluten intolerance can have a mouth-watering pasta dish. It’s acutally possible to taste gluten free pasta by choosing alternative flours, such as the rice or the bean one (like chickpea, pea or lentil flour). If you are interested in trying out alternative cuisines, you can test yourself in preparing tasty vegetarian and vegan main courses. You can add high-protein flours to your dough, like buckwheat, corn, spelt and quinoa flour, for example. These kind of ingredients, apart from having a particular taste, perfectly combine with vegetable-base ragus or with savoury veg seasonings. You can also give a nice touch to your table by colouring your dough in different ways. By adding ingredients like food colorants, vegetable extracts (from carrot, beetroot or spinach, for example) and spices and herbs, you can obtain a very pleasant and colourful result.


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