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POM die Rigatone Smooth or Ridged for Kitchenaid

Shaping disc or screen to be used without the adapter on the KitchenAid and Marcato Regina pasta machines

21,90 incl. VAT

This pasta die is made of POM and is compatible with Kitchenaid and Marcato. No adapter is needed.
Please note: this specific pasta die is higher than the normal KitchenAid dies and the pasta cutter won’t work therefore when used on KitchenAid machines.


14mm 15mm



Why preferring POM screens?

POM, also known as polyacetal, is a kind of plastic conceived for an alimentary use. The final product obtained with a POM screen is a smoother and thicker pasta, different form the one resulting from the usage of bronze dies. Take a look at our catalogue: you’ll surely be able to find the right die for you! We offer a wide range of formats, from the classic ones for long and short pasta, to the most unique ones. You’ll also be able to enjoy yourself in the preparation of fresh pasta without the need of purchasing an adapter. You’ll just have to insert the screen directly on your KitchenAid and on your Marcato Regina and it’ll be done. Also, since POM dies are dishwasher safe, it won’t take long to clean them after having fun with the extrusion of your favourite pasta shape.

Cleaning tips for POM screens

The cleaning process of POM dies doesn’t take long. In order to simplify the cleaning process, it would be better to start as soon as the dough extrusion is done. This kind of die is actually conceived to be dishwasher safe, but you can also hand wash your screens, if you prefer. In order to remove the left residues on the inside of the screens you can use our cleaning tools.

Additional information


Ridged, Smooth


14mm, 15mm



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