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Bronze die Five Pointed Star for La Fattorina, Fimar MPF 1.5

Shaping disc or screen compatible also with Arcobaleno AEX-10, Bartscher, GGM-Gastro NMF5

40,90 incl. VAT

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This bronze screen is compatible with the Pastidea Pasta Machine, La Fattorina, Fimar MPF1.5, Arcobaleno AEX-10 or GGMGastro NMF5. No adapter is needed.


Pasta dies are not made of pure bronze, but of an alloy composed mainly of copper, of zinc and other chemical compounds. This particular alloy allows a very good processing. It has excellent hot deformability performance and complies with the legislation for materials in contact with water, intended for human consumption. It is a long-term tradition that artisans and families use dies in copper-based metal alloys (so-called bronzes). The wording does not mean that bronze is the only material that makes up the die. The consumers associate 'bronze dies' with a traditional process capable of providing a rough pasta, which absorbs and retains the seasonings.

Homemade pasta with your own ingredients

You can use your own ingredients and make your pasta at home the way you like it. You may use different types of flour like spelled, chickpeas, lentils, rice, chestnuts, wholemeal or type 0 flour. On our Facebook community you will find recipes for vegetarian or vegan pasta, gluten-free pasta and more.

Bronze dies for a high quality pasta

With bronze dies it is possible to obtain a result, sometimes not visible at first glance, where the surface of the pasta is slightly rough. The sauce will therefore adhere better compared to the POM or teflon dies. This type pasta is usually served in delicatesse shops and gourmets. It is quality wise superior to most of the pasta you can buy in the supermarket..

Additional information

Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions10 × 20 × 20 cm


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