Screen Tagliatelle 8mm for Philips Pasta Maker Avance Collection




The Tagliatelle 8mm screen is made of POM and is compatible only with the Philips Pasta Maker Avance Collection. No adapter is needed.

Reference code: HR2355058

SCREEN TAGLIATELLE 8mm FOR PHILIPS PASTA MAKER AVANCE COLLECTION: In Emilia-Romagna the typical sauce to combine with this type of pasta is Bolognese ragù but different condiments can be used such as ham, tomato sauce, mushrooms, truffles, seafood, peas and more. In Lazio, in particular in Rome and its province, this type of pasta is called Fettuccine and is of a narrower size than tagliatelle; they are usually seasoned with beef ragout. In Tuscany, particularly in mountain areas, the preferred condiment is with porcini mushrooms or wild boar ragout. In Umbria as well with porcini mushrooms, wild boar or duck ragout. In the Marche, tagliatelle are considered a typical dish and have always been very popular. In the province of Belluno and several other parts of Veneto they are used for the preparation of pasta and fasoi, a local variant of pasta and beans. In the province of Verona they are called lasagna, although elsewhere it indicates a different format of pasta. A variant are the green tagliatelle with spinach.


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