Screen Conchiglia Rigata for Philips Pasta Maker Avance Collection


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The Conchiglia Rigata screen is made of POM and is compatible only with the Philips Pasta Maker Avance Collection. No adapter is needed.

Reference code: HR2355053

SCREEN CONCHIGLIA RIGATA FOR PHILIPS PASTA MAKER VIVA COLLECTION: Generally, these "striped shells" are made from durum wheat and can sometimes contain natural pigments such as tomato extract, cuttlefish ink or spinach extract. The characteristic shape of this type of pasta allows the sauce to adhere easily. There are several variations of "shells" throughout Italy, when they are smaller the "shells" are called "conchigliette" while when they are larger they are called "conchiglioni". As with other types of pasta, the shells can be smooth or striped, in the second case the sauce adheres better.

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