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Screen die Gramigna Rigata for Kenwood and with adapter: Philips Avance, Philips Viva, Simac, Ariete, Unold, La Fattorina, TR50, Häussler


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The Gramigna Rigata bronze screen can be used with different models of pasta machines with the right adapter.

Reference code: HD910209

Compatibility of the Pastidea screens with a 4,5cm diameter

Contact us if you are unsure or your model is not listed
"xx" can stand for any number between 00 and 99.

(contact us if your model is not listed)
Kenwood Pasta Maker AT910, AX910, KAX910ME, PP510, KAX92.A0ME No additional adapter is needed
Pastidea Pasta Machine Fimar MPF1,5, La Fattorina MPF1,5 Adapter for Pastidea
Philips Pasta Maker Avance or Premium HR2353/xx, HR2354/xx, HR2355/xx, HR2356/xx, HR2357/xx, HR2358/xx, HR2365/xx, HR2375/xx, HR2378/xx, HR2380/xx, HR2381/xx, HR2382/xx Design Metall-Adapter for Philips Avance
POM-Adapter für Philips Avance
(dishwasher safe)
Philips Pasta Maker Viva HR2332/xx, HR2333/xx, HR2334/xx, HR2335/xx, HR2342/xx, HR2345/xx, HR2370/xx, HR2371/xx, HR2372/xx Adapter for Philips Viva
Unold Unold 68801, Unold 68860 Adapter for Unold
Ariete Ariete 1950 Adapter for Ariete
KitchenAid The 4.5cm Pastidea screens are not compatible. You can find the screens for KitchenAid here. Not compatible
Marcato The 4.5cm Pastidea screens are not compatible. You can find the screens for KitchenAid here. Not compatible
Fimar Fimar MPF1.5 Adapter for Fimar
La Fattorina La Fattorina MPF1.5, Arcobaleno AEX-10, GGMGastro NMF5, Bartscher Adapter for Fattorina
Fimar VIP2 Fimar VIP2, La Fattorina VIP2 Adapter for Fimar VIP2
Häussler Luna Häussler Luna Adapter for Häussler Luna
Häussler Häussler PN100, Häussler Emma, Bottene LilloDue Adapter for Häussler PN100
Simac Simac PastaMatic Adapter for Simac Pastamatic
Sela Sela TR50 (Please note that the size is slightly different from the original screens and that the pasta cutter will not work!) No additional adapter is needed

PASTIDEA BRONZE SCREEN GRAMIGNA RIGATA: This pasta format has an irregular curved shape and there are two variants, smooth and striped. It's often used in meat broth. The French often season it with cream and ham.