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Oxidation is a natural reaction of the material. After some time, even if carefully cleaned, they will tend to oxidize. The functionality of the screen will still be guaranteed and the result obtained will be the same.

By choosing the following adapter you may use the bronze and PVD screens with the Philips Pasta Maker machine:
Adapter multicolor for Pastidea screens
Adapter POM for Pastidea screens

By choosing the following adapter, you may use the bronze and PVD screens with the Philips Pasta Maker Viva Collection machine:
Adapter for Philips Pasta Maker Viva Collection

By choosing the following adapter, you may use the POM KitchenAid dies with the Philips Pasta Maker machine:
Adapter for KitchenAid screens

The differences can be explained starting from the definition of bronze PVD: Physical Vapor Deposition. This process gives the screens a golden color and makes them anti-oxidant and hypoallergenic so that they can be washed in the dishwasher; unlike bronze dies that are subject to oxidation and must be washed and dried by hand.

The bronze screens may be used on various types of machines only if the right adapter exists.

On Kenwood machines: the PVD bronze and bronze screens have been developed originally for Kenwood, so their dimensions fit on these machines and no additional adapter is necessary to use them.

On KitchenAid / Marcato machines: on the KitchenAid or Marcato machines the bronze and PVD bronze screens cannot be used. We have developed some specific screens for these machines, they are available here.

On Fimar / Fattorina machines: on the Fimar or Fattorina machines the bronze screens can be used by purchasing these adapters. The adapters can be purchased in different colors. For the original Fimar / Fattorina screens, no adapter is needed instead.

On UNOLD machines: on the Unold machines, the PVD bronze and bronze screens can be used by purchasing the following adapters.

On Häussler machines: on the Häussler machines the PVD bronze and bronze screens can be used by purchasing the following adapter.

PVD bronze is not toxic, PVD prostheses are designed and used for invasive medicine applications for example.

In order to clean the bronze screens or dies you have to wash them with water only (the use of chemical agents and putting them into the dishwasher could lead to oxidation). After that you may remove the residues on the inside of the screen (to make this step easier we created those cleaning tools), and finally you just dry it by hand. To clean the PVD dies, simply insert them into the dishwasher, remove the inner residues after washing them and let them dry.

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